DBA Services

Database Administration Services

InfoTelica’s dedicated database administrator team furnish all DBA-related services by assigning highly qualified DBA professionals.

The primary objective to settle such a team is to provide our customers with high availability and agility in their business via Infotelica’s reliable and proven expertise. To meet this objective, we form our dedicated DBA team from oracle certified, highly experienced, self-motivated team members.



Database Health Check.

Database Backup and Recovery.

Database Performance Tuning.

SQL Statement Tuning.

Database Security Setting.

Database Setup and Upgrade.

Database Capacity Planning and Sizing.

Remote Database Support.

Onsite Database Support.

Real Application Clusters (RAC).

Database Health Check

Infotelica’s well-known, Oracle certified, experienced consultants diagnose existing database problems and bottlenecks with pro-active approach by monitoring database. To monitor database, we look at operating system configurations, database initialization parameters, database security settings and database performance metrics. After monitoring, we identify and solve problems before database crashes or provide your database with better performance in the light of monitoring results.

Database Backup and Recovery

By examining your existing database structure, we settle the most reliable and suitable backup and recovery strategy for your database system. Also, we can improve or determine your disaster recovery strategy.

Performance Tuning

We set customer’s production database performance metrics and make required improvements. There are two methods of performance management:

Pro-Active Performance Management:
Before performance problems appear, we find performance bottlenecks and tune the database system. To do this, we set threshold values for performance metrics and if the system reaches any of these threshold values, the system itself sends email to Infotelica’s technical Oracle consultant group using our own tool.

Re-Active Performance Management :
After performance problems appear, we solve these problems.

Database Security Setting

Primary aim of database security setting is to allow only privileged users to access customer data. We also make necessary improvements to protect your database system from software pirates. Database security setting is made according to oracle norms by

Applying rules of secure remote access.

Loading up-to-date security patches.

Making unused services offline.

Setting of required internal parameters.

Opening of the Audits.

Setting of SYS and SYSTEM users audits.

Providing oracle network security.

Granting database object privileges to users.

Creating database users and rules and granting related privileges.

All of these preceding security applications are made according to customer’s security policies and procedures.

Database Setup and Upgrade

According to customer needs, we make capacity planning identify oracle setup packages, set database initialization parameters and make performance tuning.

Database Capacity Planning and Sizing

The scope is CPU, storage, file system, memory and network. We permanently review extension of database and make annual capacity planning. We add extra database extents according to customer’s business needs.

Remote/Onsite Database Support

We know you have a business to run, and you want to have as few worries as possible and feel secure. That's why our customers choose us and stay with us for their Oracle database services. Via our remote Oracle DBA support we guarantee that you keep your systems running smoothly and you have the level of expertise you need to quickly resolve any database problem that may occur. Our cost-effective remote Oracle DBA services range from monthly database reviews to 24/7 support with guaranteed response times. Our focus is on using best practices and doing things right in order to avoid performance issues, data loss, or downtime and maintaining ongoing communication with you. We'll handle proactive maintenance, monitoring, and responding to your database system alerts so that you can focus on what it takes to make your business. You can utilize our full Oracle remote DBA outsourcing services for all your mission-critical production database support to complement your in-house DBA resources or to form DBA resource for those companies without DBAs on staff. The solution we offer is cost-effective in these tough economic times because

You will have high level of availability and low level of downtime even during off-times.

We will provide you with proven and reliable expertise so you will not need to update your staff by new technologies and to keep good technical people in your company.

Real Application Clusters (RAC)

To improve your database performance by using load balancing between nodes and to provide 24/7 availability for your business, we can determine ideal RAC architecture and then set this RAC architecture for your database systems.